Wrapping It Up! Recap On InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida!

The recently concluded InfoComm’23 event in Orlando was a tremendous triumph for both PeopleLink and InstaVC, as we unveiled our state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions to a captivated crowd. The event, which took place from June 14th to 16th, brought together industry leaders and enthusiasts to explore the future of video collaboration and communication. Attendees responded overwhelmingly positively, emphasizing the profound impact of these groundbreaking solutions on various industries.

PeopleLink, being a well-known provider of video collaboration solutions, impressed visitors with a wide array of comprehensive video collaboration offerings. Attendees were delighted to witness the smooth communication, heightened productivity, and transformative collaboration made possible by PeopleLink’s solutions. The huddle room solutions, meeting room experiences, and training environment solutions received enthusiastic applause from the intended audience, showcasing PeopleLink’s dedication to revolutionizing the way teams connect and collaborate.


Meanwhile, InstaVC made a lasting impression on event participants with its advanced audiovisual technology. Focusing on specialized video applications, InstaVC demonstrated its ability to cater to the specific requirements of diverse industries. Whether it was EdTech, HealthTech, Enterprise, or Retail, InstaVC’s cutting-edge video solutions provided industry-specific features and functionalities that resonated strongly with attendees. Visitors commended the customized collaboration features for Education Technology and the secure and compliant communication solutions for Healthcare Technology.

PeopleLink’s commitment to empowering training environments garnered enthusiastic responses from event participants. The innovative video collaboration solutions showcased at InfoComm’23 exemplified the potential for seamless knowledge transfer and interactive learning experiences, irrespective of location. This feature strongly appealed to organizations seeking efficient and effective training solutions.

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The exclusive telemedicine and telemonitoring cart solution presented by PeopleLink drew significant attention at the event. Healthcare professionals were captivated by the possibilities of delivering personalized care to remote patients through high-definition cameras and interactive displays. Real-time monitoring of vital signs and patient data also highlighted the potential for improved patient outcomes through proactive intervention. The healthcare community highly praised PeopleLink’s comprehensive solutions for accessible and patient-centric healthcare.

InstaVC’s Video API Integration solution also generated substantial interest among developers. Attendees were thrilled to learn about the simplified integration process offered by InstaVC, enabling seamless incorporation of powerful video conferencing capabilities into their applications. The ease and efficiency of video API integration exemplified InstaVC’s commitment to providing developers with the necessary tools to create innovative communication solutions.

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InstaVC’s virtual care platform also made a lasting impact, particularly in the healthcare industry. With the increasing prevalence of virtual care and remote patient interactions, InstaVC’s comprehensive platform offered healthcare professionals the necessary tools to seamlessly connect with patients. Features such as secure video consultations, remote patient monitoring, and electronic health record integration underscored InstaVC’s dedication to simplifying the delivery of healthcare services, regardless of the patient’s location.

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Attendees at InfoComm’23 also had the opportunity to experience the future of video collaboration through PeopleLink’s telepresence solution. Breaking free from the limitations of traditional video meetings, this solution provided a lifelike and seamless collaboration experience, transcending physical barriers. Visitors were enthusiastic about the possibilities this technology presented for fostering deeper relationships and enhancing efficiency within their organizations.

Overall, InfoComm’23 in Orlando was an outstanding success for PeopleLink and InstaVC. The positive response and enthusiastic engagement from attendees reaffirmed the companies’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge video collaboration solutions. With a comprehensive range of solutions that empower the way teams connect, collaborate, and innovate, both PeopleLink and InstaVC showcased their dedication to shaping the future of video communication.

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