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Bringing Digital Transformation to the BFSI Sector

Through Video/Audio Enablement

The BFSI sector is witnessing the rapid adoption of video communications solutions. These not only meet customer expectations and combat declining footfall in branches but also lower operational costs and generate revenue increases.

Challenges Faced by the BFSI Sector Include:

Compensate for declining footfalls in physical branch locations

Reduce operational costs and improve security (for example for ATMs)

Implement technologies that are easy to use for retail customers

Provide effective and standardized staff training across branches

PeopleLink video, audio, content sharing solutions address these challenges by empowering both banks and customers.

Use Cases

The Challenge
  • Providing reliable expert financial advice to customers on subjects such as mortgage, broking, and investments.
  • Provide training to financial advisers so they can work effectively.
  • Lower training and operational costs.
The Solution
  • PeopleLink Video Solution enable virtual communication of financial advice to customers.
  • PeopleLink’s vLMS, Acumen, enables multi-department virtual induction training from subject matter experts.
  • PeopleLink Video Solution offers Live Polling, Breakout sessions etc. for making Classroom training over a Live video more engaging and fun.
The Outcome
  • Remote advisers help reduce the amount of lost business and enhance cross-selling, up-selling, and right-selling due to a higher average level of expertise.
  • Banks and wealth management firms can provide remote availability of experts to make higher-end services easily accessible because of the low operating cost of such a business model.
The Challenge
  • Ensuring a smoother banking experience for retail customers using new technologies.
  • Cut down on operational costs.
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s visually-enabled ATM machines are extremely user-friendly and easy to operate for branchless banking.
  • Interact with a teller through secure video collaboration.
The Outcome
  • Promotes branchless banking.
  • Promotes easier banking for customers.

Internal Multi-location Meetings

A bank or other financial institution with multiple branches faces challenges in keeping all of them connected. A simple and effective video conferencing solution empowers staff and management in different locations to collaborate via virtual meeting and simultaneously cut-out transit and other operational cost.

PeopleLink InstaVC provides just such a real-life setup that enables staff to exchange data and information to ensure that the same standards and procedures are maintained across branches.

Virtual Training using vLMS

PeopleLink solves the problem of bridging the gap between trainers and learners. The technologies applied transform the traditional brick and mortar classroom into a global learning platform. Students can learn directly from experts on various subjects, ask questions and collaborate with peers without shifting base.

PeopleLink’s Acumen is a vLMS and a virtual collaboration platform that makes teaching-learning beyond geographical borders a reality. Now, trainees can attend sessions from anywhere and access course materials at their convenience.

Remote ATM Surveillance

ATMs face security challenges such as vandalism, robberies, and fraud. The challenge for banks is to improve security while also enhancing user experience. All these have to be achieved while keeping costs low.

PeopleLink offers the ideal solution in the form of specialized cameras for such a situation. ATMs will be equipped with discrete, motion-sensitive security cameras. A central control room will monitor these cameras and provide two-way communication when necessary.

Women-centric Banking Infrastructure

There is an evident growth in women centric Banking units with an initiative aimed at economically empowering millions of women across the country who do not have access to basic financial services such as bank accounts or loans. Access to a bank account is essential for women’s economic empowerment.

PeopleLink offers a solution in the form of video enablement of banking kiosks for grievance redressal and financial redress of women. Such video interactivity with a remote counselor can be made possible using PeopleLink’s hardware and InstaVC software.

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