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Video Conferencing Software Applications

All businesses have different priorities when it comes to their video conferencing software choice depending on their industry, size, budgets and key use cases. For some small businesses, cost is the primary consideration, while others put a premium on security, reliability and support — perks typically associated with enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions. Of course, many fall somewhere in the middle, making it all that more important to understand the differences among video conferencing software providers.

With seemingly endless options for video conferencing tools in today’s workplace, we at PeopleLink, want to make it easy to navigate potential vendors and choose the best free video conferencing for your unique needs.

Video Customer Support

Video Customer Support is a workflow application specially designed for websites where by just putting a simple JavaScript file, you can enable “Click to Video Call” button which will directly connect to sales representatives and agents at the backend.
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Prisoner Relative Interaction

V-Mulakat facilitates relatives of prisoners to have live audio-video chat with jail inmates while sitting in a chat room at a distantly located Common Service Center (CSC).
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Video Shopping Portal

Video shopping is a workflow application designed for highest video shopping experience. With this application, a user can go to the website of the store and browse for the product of choice.
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Video LMS Portal

Acumen not only complements the classroom, making way for more effective methods of learning, but also supports students’ learning outside the classroom.
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Patient-Doctor Portal

Pulse is a software that connects patients with doctors – facilitating round-the-clock appointment booking, onsite and remote consultations, and post-consultation support.

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Impactful & Real time Web audience engagement with PeopleLink Central Recording & Streaming
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API Engine

InstaCore is a software that integrates video technologies along with a set of useful modules that change how your organization interacts with itself and with others.
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