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PeopleLink provides solutions for various room types, including personal, huddle, conference, training & board that facilitate local or remote meetings using high-quality AV solutions, plug & play, remote control, and instant content sharing.

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Small Room Solutions

Small Room Solutions

Capacity: 1-4 people.

Empower your smaller teams with in-room video conferencing solutions that also enable you to connect with remote teams.

Medium Room Solutions

Medium Room Solutions

Capacity: 5-15 people.

Conduct engaging and immersive video collaboration with large groups spread across multiple locations.

Large Room Solutions

Large Room Solutions

Capacity: 16-50 people.

Enable your leaders with intuitive and high impact collaboration solution that helps them to take critical business decisions.

HyFlex Classroom SolutionsPeopleLink is transforming the way teachers teach & students learn

Technology-enhanced classrooms for educational institutions, including Schools, Universities, and Colleges, have become the essential criteria. The implementation of mixed learning models such as the HyFlex model turns to be an advanced Smart Solution. It results in a better learning process from anywhere, at a time, with a perfect teaching room setup.

PeopleLink’s HyFlex Classroom Solution provides a seamless classroom environment for the students and teachers, bridging the gap between a conventional and an intelligent classroom learning experience. With improved accessibility and increased inclusivity, PeopleLink aims to transform every traditional classroom into a virtual boundary-less space for an ultimate extravagant learning experience.


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PeopleLink identifies the challenges faced by the education industry and builds products that improve the classroom experience and cater to all stakeholders.


PeopleLink solutions help doctors optimize their time and information flow to nurses which paves the way for better healthcare outcomes for patients.


PeopleLink solutions enable your company to swiftly and efficiently train employees across the globe, and seamlessly communicate both internally and with customers.


PeopleLink offers solutions that allow governments to better care for its citizens: reduce wait times, improve communication and efficiency of resource use.


PeopleLink products solve the personalization challenge: harness big data to meaningfully communicate with customers so as to boost sales and build customer loyalty.


PeopleLink solutions enable smarter customer interactions and bank transactions, productive employee training, and effective communications between global branches.

Video Conferencing End Points

PeopleLink Video conferencing endpoints are equipped to deliver face-to-face collaboration for engaging sessions.

USB Cameras

Easy to set up and use. We offer the feature-rich high-definition PTZ USB-based Cameras for an improved video experience.

USB Audio Devices

Stylish and affordable. PeopleLink audio interfaces are designed for long-lasting comfort to make every call more productive.

Digital Podiums

Our Digital Podiums deliver seamless interactivity with automation controllers packed in an ergonomic design.

Interactive Displays

Make presentations and discussions more engaging and dynamic using 4K Ultra HD resolution Interactive Displays.

Audio / Video Control Systems

Our seamless audio and video control solutions allow users to connect to an interactive form of communication quickly.

Video Customer Support

Video Customer Support is a workflow application specially designed for websites where by just putting a simple JavaScript file, you can enable “Click to Video Call” button which will directly connect to sales representatives and agents at the backend.

Prisoner Relative Interaction

V-Mulakat facilitates relatives of prisoners to have live audio-video chat with jail inmates while sitting in a chat room at a distantly located Common Service Center (CSC).

Video Shopping Portal

Video shopping is a workflow application designed for highest video shopping experience. With this application, a user can go to the website of the store and browse for the product of choice.

Doctor-Patient Portal

Pulse is a software that connects patients with doctors – facilitating round-the-clock appointment booking, onsite and remote consultations, and post-consultation support.


Impactful & Real time Web audience engagement with PeopleLink Central Recording & Streaming

API Engine

InstaCore is a software that integrates video technologies along with a set of useful modules that change how your organization interacts with itself and with others.

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Founded in 2007, PeopleLink Unified Communications Private Limited has emerged as a leading Video Conference Company. It has marked exponential growth since its inception. PeopleLink is India’s first ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified Video Conference Company.

PeopleLink has been a significant player with pan India and select global coverage in providing products and services crafted with modern video technology. Its range of offerings includes next-generation Video technology and Audio Video peripherals across a wide range of focused industry verticals.

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