GRT Jewelers

Deployment of PeopleLink’s Video Shopping Software to GRT- For better customer engagement.

Business Requirement / Challenges In The Gems And Jewelry Sector

The Gems and Jewelry Sector in India has played a vital role in boosting the Indian Economy. It contributes to about 16% of the total merchandise exports. Since most of the products in the Gems and Jewelry sector gets exported, it becomes a stiff challenge for a jewelry company to setup stores around the globe, both financially and logistically. This conceptualized the idea of Video Shopping. This provides the company the leisure to sell their products anywhere around the world without having to actually open a store.

GRT Jewelers in India is one such company which adopted the idea of Video Shopping in order to expand not only their customer base within India and around the world but also give their customers a real time experience of shopping for their product within the comforts of their room. In order to achieve this goal, PeopleLink was chosen to set up an integrated platform where the sales executive at GRT Jewelers was able to interact with the customer using Video Calling software.

How Video Shopping Works?

A team of highly skilled software engineers at PeopleLink integrated a Video Commerce portal into the website of GRT Jewelers. The software solution contained an Audio/Video engine which allowed the customer from any part of the world to interact with the sales executive of GRT Jewelers and shop for their product.

All the customer has to do is sign up at the website of GRT Jewelers and set up an appointment. At the designated time, the customer has to log in to the website and start shopping. There are no downloads required and the customer can use any device like a PC, laptop, or a tablet to connect to the virtual store of GRT Jewelers. The software solution provided by PeopleLink gives impeccable video and audio clarity giving the customer a real time experience as if they are present in the store.

The sales executive will show them the jewelry based on their requirement from which the customer can select and make payment online. Once the order is received, the item gets shipped to the customer’s residence.

The Technology Behind The Video Shopping Software:

The software uses WebRTC technology and is built on Node JS technology which supports innumerable simultaneous calls and is highly reliable and secure. The HD quality video even at low bandwidths allows the customer to have a life like experience and increases customer satisfaction and shopping benefits.

Business Results Achieved by Using PeopleLink

GRT jewelers advertised this novel way of shopping and saw an exponential increase in the demand for their products. Approximately, 200 calls/appointments per day are scheduled and the count is ever increasing. The ease of use of the software was an added advantage and the customers were extremely satisfied with the solution provided by GRT Jewelers. As a result of the Video Shopping Solution provided by PeopleLink, the customer base of GRT Jewelers has expanded to cover countries like the United States of America and Australia. Another benefit that Video Shopping provides is the safety of the expensive products as they are shown to the customers virtually and are only shipped once an order has been placed and the payment has been made.