video collaboration platform for retail industry

Digitally Transforming the Retail Sector

Through Video/Audio Enablement

The retail sector is undergoing significant technological changes. Shoppers are demanding easier and more personalized ways of shopping. The retail sector has to find a way to provide enticing shopping experiences while at the same time keeping costs down.

Challenges Faced by the Retail Sector Include:

Create a more interesting and personalized shopping experience

Compensate for falling footfalls in brick and mortar shopping centers

Ensure greater customer recall of brands

Introduce newer shopping technologies that improve processes while keeping costs down

PeopleLink video, audio, content sharing solutions address these challenges by empowering shoppers to experience exceptional and interesting retail experiences.

Use Cases

The Challenge
  • Providing shoppers with timely and relevant shopping suggestions
  • Providing retailers with the means to communicate such offers at multiple locations.
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s Digital Signage enables retail establishments to simultaneously display advertisements and offers across multiple platforms in various locations.
  • PeopleLink iVision  – PeopleLink Visualizer which seamlessly connects with PeopleLink Video Applications. This makes showing retail products over a Live Video Call way more easy.
The Outcome
  • A more convenient and enjoyable retail experience for shoppers.
  • Increased sales for retail establishments
The Challenge
  • Low awareness among staff of the potential for technology to improve the retail experience.
  • Lack of consistency and reach in the delivery of training material.
The Solution
  • PeopleLink’s vLMS, Acumen, is an intuitive software which is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Trainers and staff can receive consistent and timely training via Acumen.
The Outcome
  • Trainers have a tool that expands their scope for teaching.
  • Acumen enables retail staff to live up to their full potential.

Internal Multi-location Meetings

Retail establishments, especially those with multiple locations, face challenges in keeping them connected. A simple and effective video conferencing solution empowers management in different locations to collaborate via virtual meeting and simultaneously cut-out transit cost.

PeopleLink InstaVC provides just such a real-life setup that enables management and staff to share ideas, exchange data, and ensure that the same quality of retail processes are rolled out across locations.


Geographically dispersed retail establishments imply the need for a technology solution that will facilitate long-distance training of retail staff.

PeopleLink Acumen, a vLMS, and InstaCast, a webcasting software, are ideal solutions for enabling this process. It enables training staff to teach and support learners who in turn can access courses/assignments, online and interact with peers, and visualize knowledge.

Improving Shopping Experiences with Technology

The retail sector has become increasingly competitive. Retail establishments are looking to leverage technology to stay ahead in sales. Any means that enable retailers to showcase their products and offers in an effective manner are in great demand.

PeopleLink Digital Signage is the perfect solution to help make your business stand out by displaying its offers, promotions, and products in a timely and attractive manner.

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