Dr. Batras

Dr. Batra’s Uses Easily Accessible Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions With Deployment Across Their Offices

DR Batra's

About Dr. Batra’s

Dr. Batraʼs Positive Health Clinic Pvt Ltd a chain of homeopathy clinics in India. Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinics take pride in the mission to provide the best quality and the highest standards of services to its patients.

Business Requirement / Challenges

Dr. Batraʼs are one of the largest homeopathy chains in the country with a wide network of franchisees and offices to manage their vast network and business. Dr. Batraʼs were looking out for a solution which was scalable and easy to use for ensuring a wider acceptability & utility amongst their associated Units.

Technologies Evaluated

Dr. Batraʼs evaluated various services provided by other major players in the markets but it was PeopleLink Video Solution which was the most convincing. The flexibility, scalability and the ease of use assisted the decisions makers to opt for the solution on Cloud to keep their Infrastructure costs optimized.

Solutions Deployed

Dr. Batraʼs are now using around 30 Port PeopleLink Video Collaboration MCU on Cloud for connecting with their associated centers. PeopleLink Visual Solutions provided are training friendly and ensures a realistic training & Learning environment which has the ease of use.

Business Results Achieved By Using PeopleLink

  • Dr. Batraʼs utilize the PeopleLink Cloud Platform for conducting extensive trainings for the units. These regular trainings ensure a well trained staff across all the associated units available.
  • The same solution comes in handy for conducting meetings with both Internal / external stakeholders.
  • This Platform will also act as the online solution for remote diagnosis & consultations to make the specialists available to everyone irrespective of the geographical distances.