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Telemedicine and Virtual Hospital

Pulse is a software that connects patients with doctors – facilitating round-the-clock appointment booking, onsite and remote consultations, and post-consultation support. It not only brings patients within reach of quality healthcare by connecting them with specialists through live and on-demand video consultations; it also improves their onsite experiences by digitizing registration and payments, and reducing overall waiting time. It enables hospitals to streamline procedures, simplify communications, and go paperless by digitizing operations. Pulse caters to the needs of all healthcare organizations – from clinics to multihospital chains.


Pulse identifies three consultation scenarios – onsite, post-consultation and telemedicine – and caters to the challenges faced by patients in each of the scenarios.



Pulse helps management to effectively manage the patient’s journey onsite. Patients can electronically fill out the intake form, share medical records with the doctor and complete payments before consultation through Pulse. This way, doctors need not go through medical reports during consultation, and can spend time interacting with the patient.



When patients are in need of a review checkup, or are required to see the doctor on a regular basis, Pulse saves them the trouble of making multiple visits to the hospital. It schedules appointments as per the doctor’s instruction, sets up a video call, and updates the patient’s health records and prescriptions after the call.



Pulse connects doctors to patients who live in remote areas, are not in a condition to travel, or are unable to make time for hospital visits. Doctors can access patient health records before consultation, utilize consultation time more effectively, and have more appointments in a day.

Pulse was designed to help healthcare organizations tackle their biggest challenges. A multihospital chain can use Pulse to the fullest, which may not be the case with hospitals and clinics. Here is how:

Multihospital chainsHospitalsClinics
Location-based branch suggestion
Share database with other branches
Schedule Surgeries
Auto-send e-prescriptions to medical store
Transfer patients to other branch
File sharing between departments

What makes Pulse so effective?

Provide Video Consultations at Low Bandwidth

Pulse functions impeccably on optimized bandwidth, ensuring that users always have a smooth experience.

Go Paperless

Pulse greatly minimizes the use of paper by digitizing procedures such as patient enrolment, payments, prescriptions and health records.

Automatic Backup Server

In case the server fails, the backup server – Hot Standby – automatically takes off. This makes Pulse extremely reliable and running 99.99% of the time.

Talks With Your Existing Medical Devices

Pulse can be integrated with devices such as ECG, X-ray machines, MRI, ultrasound machines, and more. Pulse is a robust software that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops. All software updates are automatic, and are compatible with legacy systems.

Grows As Your Organization Expands

Pulse is scalable and easily adapts to the increasing size of your organization – from a handful of users to thousands, it provides seamless experiences for everyone.

Get Started Immediately

Pulse has a user-friendly interface, enabling users to quickly understand how to use the software. If lost, the built-in quick search option helps you on your way.

Project Your Brand

Customize Pulse to fit your organization’s branding. Integrate logo and colour palettes to create a unique health care system representative of your organization.

Customize Your Package

Pulse offers predefined packages, but is adaptable in its pricing to develop a package that meets your organization’s specific requirements.

Ensure User Privacy

Pulse’s privacy settings are flexible from an organizational level to an individual user level, keeping sensitive patient data and health records safe.

Ensure Data Security

Pulse is compliant with existing security standards like HIPAA and HL7 for protecting sensitive patient data. All electronic health records on delivery is protected with AES 128-bit encryption, effectively minimizing security breaches and ensuring the data safety

Quick Connect to Support Team

The team helps setup Pulse for your organization, offers training, and provides support should there be an issue.

Avoid Multiple Logins

Support for Single Sign-on ensures users use existing logins to access Pulse.

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