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Virtual Training

Acumen is a platform where educators can teach, hand out assignments, and extend support to learners. For learners, it is a place where they can access courses, work on assignments, and interact with peers. A great deal of research went into identifying the challenges faced by educators and learners to build a Learning Management System that simplifies the teaching-learning process.


Acumen not only complements the classroom,making way for more effective methods of learning,but also supports students’ learning outside the classroom.Furthermore,it can be applied at any level of learning.



Acumen for K-12 is designed to enable interactive learning within the classroom,shifting the teaching process from a one-way communication to a collaborative approach that encourages student participation.


Higher Ed

Acumen for Higher Education is a tool that enables thorough preparation of students pre-class.It enhances content delivery by the professor during class.It also engages students effectively post-class to further develop their understanding of the topic.


Corporate Training

Acumen for Corporate Training helps close knowledge gaps within the organization and builds a more skilled workforce.It focuses on simplifying training,facilitates informal and social learning.It also enables collaborative learning via communities,forums and content repositories.


Acumen for E-Learning helps bridge the gap between distance learners and educators.Learners can view lectures in real time,ask doubts,answer questions in the class,and reach out to professors at any point during the course.Learners can also share research with peers,discuss ideas and collaborate on projects in virtual workspaces through interactive tools.

What makes Acumen so effective?

Access Videos at Low Bandwidth

Acumen functions impeccably on optimized bandwidth,ensuring that users always have a smooth experience.

Go Paperless

Acumen greatly minimizes the use of paper by digitizing content such as course materials,assignments,and tests.

Automatic Backup Server

In case the server fails,the backup server-Hot Standby-automatically takes off.This makes Acumen extremely reliable and running 99.99%of the time.

Talks With Your Existing Applications

Acumen can be integrated with tools such as biometric systems and enterprise applications such as ERP,CRM,BI tools,and more.

Plug-and-Play Content

Acumen is SCORM Compliance.Content can be shared across systems and organizations in a fast,seamless manner.

Access from Any Device

Acumen is a robust software that is compatible with Android smartphones,tablets and laptops.You can pick up sessions where you left off from a different device.All software updates are automatic,and are compatible with legacy systems.

Grows As Your Organization Expands

Acumen is scalable and easily adapts to the increasing size of your organization-from a handful of users to thousands,it provides seamless experiences for everyone.

Get Started Immediately

Acumen has a user-friendly interface,enabling users to quickly understand how to use the software.If lost,the built-in quick search option helps you on your way.

Project Your Brand

Customize Acumen to fit your organization’s branding.Integrate colour palettes to create a unique learning management system representative of your organization.

Customize Your Package

Acumen offers predefined packages,but is adaptable in its pricing to develop a package that meets your organization’s specific requirements.

Quick Connect to Support Team

The team helps setup Acumen for your organization,offers training,and provides support should there be an issue.

Avoid Multiple Logins

Support for Single Sign-on ensures students and instructors use existing logins to access the application.

Ensure User Privacy

Acumen’s privacy settings are flexible from an organizational level to an individual user level.

Ensure Data Security

All content on delivery is protected with AES 128-bit encryption,effectively minimizing security breaches and ensuring the safety of every user.Acumen guarantees only authorized users have access while leveraging your organization’s LDAP or Active Directory

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